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THE DREAM CITY, Pearl, Doha Qatar, 2015. Interactive art installation. 30 tons of colored sand, plywood, 1360x860x110 cm. Around 60 different colors of sand in 6 fractions from 0, 2 mm up to 5 mm have been used in this project for a wide range of foot stimulation.
Commissioned by UDC, Qatar.
THE DREAM CITY is another art project by Adam Kalinowski, which in addition to "The Practice of Freedom II" 2013 and "Rainbow Park" 2012 made in London, „Park of Colored Sand" from Warsaw from 2009, is a combination of colorful sculptures and multi colored sections of sand of varying texture and is designed to capturing the imagination of the participants and encourage them to play with form and color. The project will evolve with the participants as colorful expanse of sand which will never come back to the starting point (entropy process). We invite you to explore a variety of weights, sand, colors and patterns that may arise during your barefoot walk through the project.