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THE CLOUDY THOUGHTS, Istanbul, 2016. 

Dimensions: 560x680x500 cm, plywood, wood, soil, rolled grass, plants. 

Work was produced as a one of my three other projects during “Beşiktaş International Flower & Garden Festival 2016” with THE GRAVE and THE INFINITE GREEN projects.

In THE CLOUDY THOUGHTS some feature of traditional Turkish architecture is been recalled in order to highlight artistic goal of the sculpture which might be focused onto the rise of a huge, dynamic, crowded, modern and at the same time very much historical city of Istanbul, beautifully located on two sides of Bosporus strait. On sculptural outbuildings referring to natural formations of clouds or rocks installed on different sides of a structure of a house put on one of its corners there is a rolled grass implemented. They all together shape a structure which in a poetical form expands into the space and might induce questions concerning passing of personal time and inevitable change of traditional cultural patterns in this very complex and massive agglomeration.